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Finalize Cargo Shipment Rate from Dubai to India?

  • Sept 9
  • DRC Official

Done with the calculation of the cargo rates from Dubai to India but is it not matching with the quote received from your courier provider? It might be a case if you are not put enough light on the other influential factors responsible for cargo rate from Dubai to India.

Shipment Mode – When to choose which shipment depends on what kind of cargo are you dealing in? The primary knowledge says for past shipment air freight is considered, and for slow mode sea, freight is trusted.

Tariff rates – It is a universal term in cargo shipment and is also known as negotiated rates. The cargo charges per kg from Dubai to India will hardly cost around 60-70 AED. But it also depends on the courier services you have opted for the type of tariff claimed. Mostly, the courier providers in Dubai offer around 20% to 25% discount, and if the bulk quantity is higher, then a good deal can be expected.

The geographical distance – It is one the crucial factor that facilitates the entire cargo UAE to India price. The distance between Dubai to India 2475 km and this is very long. It is one of the rationales behind high or substantial courier charges from these said destinations. Though a number of modes are available like road, air, and sea, the concern of price remains a topic of discussion.

General factors determining cargo rates

In simple terms, there are two factors that absolutely establish the cargo from Dubai to India rates.

Speed – If you have to reach the market in hours or within a day or two then go for air freight as within this time the movement of the cargo can be executed to India from Dubai. While on the other scenario if you have ten to fifteen days in your hand, then the options of sea and road are open. Probably the rates of air freight will be high compared to that of ocean and road.

Reliability – Cargo services needs to be steadfast to evade damages and piracy. UAE has created stringent laws in this perspective, and the same is being appreciated all over. The combined movement of the freight, cargo piracy, tracking everything needs to be streamlined.

These were the consideration that rules the rate of cargo shipment and price from Dubai to India. To know more information on this subject matter and to clutch profitable deals connect with Dr Courier & Cargo.

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