Shipping cost from Dubai to India

Shipping cost from Dubai to India

  • Sept 7
  • DRC Official

Shipping cost from Dubai to India has to go through many determining factors. Yes, you cannot expect only the weight of cargo to know the shipping rate; alternately, a lot has to be verified and analyzed in between. Now, as it is known that the shipping industry from Dubai to India is not the same, as it used to be years back.

Everything from time duration to quality has been changed, and there is advancement in every sector too. It has created a curiosity among the customers concerning the cargo from Dubai to India rates.

The cost of the container – No industry can meet the flow of shipment amid these two countries, and to sustain the same, the shipping industry had opened its purview by bringing a large-sized container. The range of containers varies depending on the cargo, and so is the price.

The destination city – Shipping cargo from Dubai to the capital city that is New Delhi will cost you less as these are the prevalent locations. Along with this, the next subsequent destination is Kerala, which will not ask you to pay hefty bills either. With this, you can understand the locations are also a factor to be considered while deciding the cargo rates.

The shipping option – How you want to ship your cargo is also a substantial factor. For quick shipping, air cargo is an excellent option, and besides, road and sea options are also available. While deciding the mode, you must take a thorough look at the pricing too.

The kg factor – The cargo charges per kg from Dubai to India cannot be avoided as everything associated with the shipping process is related to the weight. For better understanding, here are some examples 1kg will cost you around AED 250, and likewise, 5kg will cost AED 300 approx.

The custom duty – The import and export custom both are required to be fulfilled by the customers, and sometimes the logistics providers take the responsibility of the same. Have a word with the shipper about Indian custom duty charges too.

Use this knowledge when you are looking for cargo from UAE to India price. Plus, there are certain items like live birds, pornographic materials, narcotics, etc. which are not allowed to ship from Dubai to India. Furthermore, take help from Dr Courier & Cargo for grabbing reasonable cargo pricing.

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